Temporary work

Can mean difference

From administrative work to manufacturing, warehousing, IT, life sciences and everything in between, temporary staffing is a trend that just keeps growing, in virtually every industry.

For many companies, temporary staffing is an integral part of their overall business strategies. Being able to better manage labour needs when supply and demand fluctuates can mean the difference between a profit and a year in the red. Temporary staffing is important for your bottom line, it allows you to saving on costs like benefits, RSPs, vacation and sick days.

Due to our large network we are able to deliver to you qualified candidates in every domain in the quickest time.

Enjoy working with Professionals

Competence and motivation tests? Be sure that your candidate was checked before being sent to you.



Each candidate is checked carefully in term of experience and history of employment.


Skills check

If you are searching for specific skills, we will verify these using reliable tools.


Background check

We find out more about the candidates by checking their references and credentials.


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