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Staffing and recruitment trends in 2020

Contingent Employment

Flexibility is the name of the game now. The nature of working patterns, schedules, requirements are changing allowing people the flexibility to work remotely and change jobs as seasons change.

So, one recruitment trend that is there for the long haul is -the contingent workforce. Hiring them will require a thorough understanding of the legislation involved in your state, the accepted working hours and the basic rate of pay.

Such staff members do not receive bonuses, or any additional benefits like your full-time employees as such, hiring managers will have to don their creative hats and come up with exciting job descriptions, incentives to get the right one hired.

Also, the managers need to be conscious that this is an employee who may not show a strong devotion to the organization owing to the short-term contract, yet, a seamless process and a hassle-free system needs to be created for them to adapt to the new terrain.

So, here we are with the recruitment trends that staffing agencies, recruitment firms and HR’s of various companies will have to take a look at in 2020. At Balook we understand the evolution of the talent market and as such we custom make resource acquisition solutions for our clients.

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Reskilling Trend

Employing people who are eager to learn, have a proven track record of adjusting to new environments, and have a whole host of useful transferable skills is a good decision right now.

The drift of reskilling meets the challenge of a talent deficiency by broadening the scope of recruitment from scouring for talent to creating talent. If this trend takes hold, this 2020 staffing movement will be a thrilling extension of the talent acquisition industry.

Potential candidates might possess a certain skill, but might be ready and willing to learn a different kind of skill better matched to the requirements of industries in the current market.

By investing in training programs, online learning, or apprenticeships, companies can better meet client request by targeting candidates who may have potential, and then ensuring that talent is nurtured and “upskilled.” Organizations that need tech-savvy workers will be most interested in this staffing trend.

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Parameters Of Hiring

The parameters of hiring have changed and especially in 2020, it’s no longer based only on the resume. The trend is now to look for more than potential, more than experience in candidates. Its time for them to think outside the box to determine what a qualified candidate actually looks like.

While a candidate might not contain the exact criteria mentioned in the job description today, but after a few months down the line, he/she may exhibit the requirements that the company is looking for.

As such, hiring managers need to keep an open mind not shun candidates who have been rejected previously due to a lack of certain criteria and give them a second look. Of course, it goes without saying that misdemeanor won’t be tolerated even if the candidate has years of experience and potential. Being arrogant doesn’t pay!

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The candidate experience is a priority

The opinion of candidates will be more important than ever in 2020.

It’s no longer acceptable for a business or agency to act like they’re the ones making all the decisions.

At every stage of the recruitment process, candidates are thinking about whether they like the company or not.

Is it a good fit for them? Do they like the benefits? Are the employees nice?

All of these questions are relevant when you consider the fact that 87% of candidates will change their mind about a company they once doubted if they receive a top candidate experience.

So, addressing this recruitment trend for 2020 can benefit a company in the short and long-term.

Upskilling recruiters

Don’t forget that recruiters need training too, particularly if your demands are changing.

Be on point with your recruitment trends and enable your recruiters to learn new skills to hire you great people.

For example:

  • Teach recruiters sales skills to enable them to sell roles to candidates, to sell the candidates to hiring managers.
  • Teach them the art of story-telling, how to create content that attracts candidates.
  • Show them proven marketing skills that will get candidates in.
  • Teach them negotiation skills to arrange the best conditions for both the candidate and the company.
  • Upskill recruiters through online and offline courses or in-house training (if you have it).

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